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“I could not have been happier with Kevin Christopher as my attorney. I was really impressed that in our very first conversation, he roughed out a legal strategy that was eventually exactly how it played out successfully in court. It could not have gone better for me even though I hired him on short notice. He’s just a very smart, fighter of a lawyer who deeply understands the law and the legal system.
Trust me, before you choose your criminal defense attorney, you owe it to yourself to
Jackson County Georgia Courthouse

Jackson County Georgia Courthouse

contact Kevin and see what I’m talking about. Thank you, Kevin.”
-Jay Braver

“Kevin Christopher is a sharp, aggressive lawyer who will do a very good job for you. He’s been practicing in the area for many years and is well respected in the North Georgia legal community.”
-Dylan Wilbanks,
Attorney at Law
Wilbanks Law Firm

“I have made some mistakes in my life and gotten into legal troubles. I was so fortunate to find and hire Kevin Christopher. He defended me and the penalties for my actions were much less than they could have been. I talked to many lawyers before hiring him, and what he said made the most sense to me by far. You should see what he has to say about your case too”
-Name withheld upon request